What’s in my bag? 2019

The other day I posted an instagram story about how would you like to receive information about travel or photography a blog or YouTube. Well it was clear that 87% said YouTube and 13% said blog, sorry blog looks like you didn’t have a chance. For the 13% out there I will continue to post new blogs so I figure I will write a short write up about each YouTube video I post. With that being said here is my first video of 2019 on what’s in my bag. (video below)



Your next landscape photography trip.

Last spring I got a chance to visit the Great Smoky Mountain National Park with my family. If you are looking to photograph some mountains, then the smokies are for you. It’s a great drive up with look out points and you’ll most likely see a black bear or other wildlife if you go during the spring and summer months. (Please view all wildlife from a distance).

Morton Overlook

Morton Overlook

There is also a lot of beautiful cascade and waterfalls a long the  main road to photograph as well so make sure to bring a tripod for those long exposure shots. While I was there I also made two landscape photography vlogs so you can see my experience and the beauty of the smokies (view down below). 



Working with Mother Nature.

Well, hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post.

Today’s location is New Buffalo, MI. It’s about a 35  minute drive from home but its also a hour ahead of Northwest Indiana. I can say coming here on Labor Day weekend it really felt like summer to me because it’s definitely a beach town.

New Buffalo, MI.jpg

When I arrived to the beach I didn’t even take my camera out at first I just wanted to enjoy the views and the summer heat. As the sun started to set quickly I started to set up my camera and find a nice composition next to the rocks leading into Lake Michigan, as it was time to start shooting, rain clouds started to roll in blocking the sun which was a bummer for me because all Labor Day weekend the light has been bad. I quickly put on my 10 Stop ND filter to do a nice long exposure for a dreamy look before the light was no more.

 8 sec - F/11 - ISO 100 - 10 stop ND - 4 stop GND

 8 sec - F/11 - ISO 100 - 10 stop ND - 4 stop GND

Tip of the day: If the light is not going the way you want it because let’s face it Mother Nature does what she wants. Try to shoot a long exposure image to capture motion and time.