Working with Mother Nature.

Well, hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post.

Today’s location is New Buffalo, MI. It’s about a 35  minute drive from home but its also a hour ahead of Northwest Indiana. I can say coming here on Labor Day weekend it really felt like summer to me because it’s definitely a beach town.

New Buffalo, MI.jpg

When I arrived to the beach I didn’t even take my camera out at first I just wanted to enjoy the views and the summer heat. As the sun started to set quickly I started to set up my camera and find a nice composition next to the rocks leading into Lake Michigan, as it was time to start shooting, rain clouds started to roll in blocking the sun which was a bummer for me because all Labor Day weekend the light has been bad. I quickly put on my 10 Stop ND filter to do a nice long exposure for a dreamy look before the light was no more.

 8 sec - F/11 - ISO 100 - 10 stop ND - 4 stop GND

 8 sec - F/11 - ISO 100 - 10 stop ND - 4 stop GND

Tip of the day: If the light is not going the way you want it because let’s face it Mother Nature does what she wants. Try to shoot a long exposure image to capture motion and time.